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Also, here's a collection of my RECS of other people's stories. Mostly Harry Potter, but also some other fandoms. Or search by my "recs" tag (and then scroll to the bottom) to get a more easily overviewed, condensed view instead of seeing all the recs written out in full.
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OMG you guys, I went to a meeting of my university's Harry Potter society, and it was so much fun.

I wasn't planning to go; I definitely didn't expect to enjoy it that much. I'd seen that a Harry Potter society existed, when I went to the start-of-the-year fair where all the sports and activities show their stuff to new students. And I had a moment of awww, of deep gladness that such a thing as a Harry Potter society exists.

these university societies are mostly populated by students – you know, proper students, undergrads. Whereas I am a postgrad student and nearly twice their age. I would feel like the weird adult crashing the kids' party!

But my flatmate was going, so I said I would go with her. Just once to check it out.

OMG. They had us do a Sorting quiz with questions from the official Pottermore Sorting (though, I mean...why did they even ask? I already know I'm a Ravenclaw. I have always been a Ravenclaw...) and they had an actual Sorting Hat, and they made each person put it on and then they shouted out that person's house (based on their quiz result). They divided us up at tables by our respective Houses, which were decked out in the relevant House colors. They gave us food, a veritable Hogwarts feast. And we sat and talked to our hearts' content about our favorite characters, about what Sorting even means, about the Houses, about obscure points in canon... My Harry Potter geekdom usually all happens online, so it was quite novel to be in a physical context where it was not just okay but even expected that I could talk about Harry Potter absolutely without end. :-)

The pub where the group meets reserves tables for them, since it's quite a large gathering (about 40 people??) – and look who the "this table is reserved" cards are made out to:

standard "reserved for" card set out on a pub table, but this one is filled out as "reserved for Dumbledore's Army"

Aw!! Isn't that delightful? 

They're having a "Deathday Party" for Halloween (à la Nearly Headless Nick in book 2) and I think I'm gonna go to it. :-)

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Hey hey, I live in Scotland now! Still haven't quite wrapped my head around that fact. And yes, that makes me something of a compatriot to J. K. Rowling, which feels rather sweet. :-)

Speaking of which, I really need everyone to know about the awesomeness that is The Twitter Feud Between the Libraries of Orkney and Shetland, and Also That Time J. K. Rowling Got Involved in It. (You can find tons of gleeful articles about this, for example here. Orkney and Shetland are both fairly remote Scottish island groups – Orkney just off the north coast, and Shetland much further out than that – and they're both small, population-wise, but it turns out they have amazing Twitter presences!)

Also, one of our professors (I'm doing a master's in library studies, did I mention that?) listed out a ton of places where graduates of this program now work as librarians, to give us an idea of all the possibilities beyond just public library/school library/academic library. His list included a bunch of acronym-heavy British public sector things, including...GCHQ. You know, the British intelligence agency. There are librarians working at the British intelligence agency.

Librarian spies!! I feel this needs to form the concept for an AU fic somewhere.
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This quarter has felt like such a long span of time that I can barely remember back to the start of it! (With good reason: I got into grad school, packed up my entire life in the US in record time so I’d have time to travel a bit before moving to Scotland, spent marvelous weeks visiting friends in Iceland, then arrived here with two weeks to move in, settle in and start uni. No wonder July feels like a lifetime ago!)


So it’s hard to do a comparative and pick proper favorites of the quarter, since some of these books feel so long ago. So rather than trying to divide into categories, I’m just going to list a selection of books I enjoyed and recommend.


These are maybe VERY ROUGHLY sorted with favorites first, but it’s not any sort of exact ranking.




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Happy Harry Potter epilogue day! Today is September 1, 2017 – so somewhere out there, if you follow the chronology of canon, Albus Potter is getting on the Hogwarts Express for the first time. Or as one article put it, "Albus Severus Potter has finally left for Hogwarts."  :-)

(Ooh, I only just now saw that fans have gathered at King's Cross today to celebrate at Platform 9 3/4. Awwwwww, that's the best!)

In other news, I'm back in Iceland and as always it feels like a home, each time more and more. It's incredible to me just how much the people I know here feel like family, even though I don't get to be here often. (It's actually hard to focus on writing this, because I'm surrounded right now by all these folks playing music and coming in and out getting ready for a performance tonight.) Beautiful, beautiful days. I also saw SO MANY NORTHERN LIGHTS last night, it was AMAZING. I will never get tired of the northern lights, or the natural beauty here. Home of my heart.
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When I finished posting "If You've Got a Lantern Hold It High" (the small coda/companion story to my big "Be the Light in My Lantern" series), I looked at the series as a whole on AO3 and remembered – oh, right: now I mark it complete. This series I started writing in 2010 is now complete.

It actually feels kind of bittersweet (end of an era?), especially because the people I knew back then when I was writing the early parts of that story and when I first started engaging with fandom on LJ, the Remus/Tonks folks, are no longer active here (not to mention that even LJ itself has imploded in the meanwhile.)

Aah! Don't dwell on sad things!

Here's an awesome one:

Now that I've posted this latest fic to AO3... I've passed the 500,000 word mark on AO3! (Technically, 510,788. Plus there are another 42,000 here on my desktop that haven't been posted yet. And so on.)

But also? Of those half a million (!) words on AO3, a really significant portion of them, nearly half, are the "Be the Light in My Lantern" series. That one massive story, which I started because I was so new to fic that I didn't know better than to take on a massive multi-book-length project as my first thing out of the gate, really has kind of defined a whole arc of my life in the years since I rediscovered writing: who I met, what I learned (so much!), what characters I explored, what I'm ready to do next because I had that foundation first.

Wouldn't trade it for anything. <3 <3 <3

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On a less intensely emotional note (though...maybe not really?)  .....happy Deathly Hallows anniversary everyone! It was ten years ago today that Deathly Hallows was published and the Harry Potter series was complete. (I mean, yes, there are expanded-universe things like Pottermore and Cursed Child and now the Fantastic Beasts movies, but surely nothing quite has that same feeling as the book series itself being complete?)

Does it make you feel old? Or just a bit strange? For me, Deathly Hallows came out before I even moved to Berlin (though I already lived in Germany), and now I no longer live in Germany at all – even though I spent the bulk of my adult life so far there. How can all that have happened in the time since the last Harry Potter book came out?
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Summary: Three years after the war, a stranger arrives at Hogwarts with a letter addressed to Minerva McGonagall by the familiar hand of an old friend. Before the summer is through, the contents of the letter will bring together several lives that might otherwise never have touched.

Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Andromeda Black Tonks, original characters (Serena and Joy from "Raise Your Lantern High"), Teddy Lupin, briefly Hagrid, offscreen but alluded to often: Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks

12,900 / Chapters: 4

Chapter One: A Visitor at Hogwarts
Chapter Two: A Stranger in Someone Else's Home
Chapter Three: A Day at Diagon Alley
Chapter Four: The Most Amazing Place

A small "coda" story to Raise Your Lantern High, making this the final, capstone piece of the Be the Light in My Lantern series. (Though this fic can also be read and enjoyed as a standalone.)

Can also be read on AO3.

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Summary: Three years after the war, a stranger arrives at Hogwarts with a letter addressed to Minerva McGonagall by the familiar hand of an old friend. Before the summer is through, the contents of the letter will bring together several lives that might otherwise never have touched.

Chapter Four: The Most Amazing Place )
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Summary: Three years after the war, a stranger arrives at Hogwarts with a letter addressed to Minerva McGonagall by the familiar hand of an old friend. Before the summer is through, the contents of the letter will bring together several lives that might otherwise never have touched.

Chapter Three: A Day at Diagon Alley )


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Summary: Three years after the war, a stranger arrives at Hogwarts with a letter addressed to Minerva McGonagall by the familiar hand of an old friend. Before the summer is through, the contents of the letter will bring together several lives that might otherwise never have touched.

Chapter Two: A Stranger in Someone Else’s Home )



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Summary: Three years after the war, a stranger arrives at Hogwarts with a letter addressed to Minerva McGonagall by the familiar hand of an old friend. Before the summer is through, the contents of the letter will bring together several lives that might otherwise never have touched.

Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Andromeda Black Tonks, original characters (Serena and Joy from "Raise Your Lantern High"), Teddy Lupin, briefly Hagrid, offscreen but alluded to often: Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks

12,900 / Chapters: 4


Set a few years after “Raise Your Lantern High” (not a sequel, since that story is complete – more of a “bonus extra”!) but it also works as a standalone if you haven’t read that story.

“Raise Your Lantern High” followed Remus and Tonks throughout HBP; the two original characters in this story, Serena and her daughter Joy (also known by her werewolf name, River), are characters Remus got to know during his time living with a werewolf pack that year. I’ll include some more background at the bottom of chapter 1, if you’d like to know more, but again, I don’t think you’ll be confused if you just dive in!

(Note for those coming here from “Raise Your Lantern High”: the character was known as Joy in that story, because it was from Remus’ perspective and he thought in human names; here you’ll see her as River, because it’s from her own perspective. And yet I’ve used Serena’s human name here, because she’s among humans and thus using her human name …And yes, I do realise I made this complicated for myself when I created the construct of werewolf vs. human names!)

My great thanks to [personal profile] gilpin25 who provided such a thoughtful beta-read of this story. (And Brit-picking, too!) I appreciate it so much.

Read here, or on AO3.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chapter One: A Visitor at Hogwarts )

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So first of all, we’re halfway through 2017 and I’m currently reading my 59th book of the year. I feel like I’ve been reading less this year than last, but so far apparently I’ve read more?? (I’m not done with it yet, so I can’t count it for this quarter, but book number 59 is On the Move: A Life, Oliver Sacks’ memoir, and it’s delightful!)


Second: it’s time for this quarter’s book post!


It rarely happens that I’m able to pick just one clear favorite, because I like so many books, but this time I’ve got one:





Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

            This book floored me. For the beautiful, subtle prose that fairly slips by – I’d read half the book almost before I’d realized it. For the deep, emotional place it hit me – I want to call it an allegory for the current real-world refugee crisis, because it is, but to say that also sells it so very short. If I call it that, you might think it’s overtly political (it’s not; it’s a love story, among many other things). You might thing it’s a sad, tough, weary tale of people in abject poverty, people very different from us, “other” people that those of us who are Western-first-world readers will sympathize with but maybe also struggle to relate to, but it’s not that at all – and that’s just one of many things I found so brilliant about the book. It’s a story of two young urbanites, going about life with their smartphones and their jobs and all, until their city gets overtaken by war. Like anyone’s city might get overtaken by war. It hit me so emotionally in part because – though the protagonists’ homeland is carefully never specified – I couldn’t help thinking of a Syrian friend of mine who was in Berlin as a highly qualified student…until circumstances back home changed and all of a sudden he was in Berlin as a refugee. That can happen to anyone. This is not about Muslims or third world countries or however else it’s easy to “other” refugees. It’s about people, trying to get on with the daily business of being people to each other. But I’m still selling this wrong, because it’s not a book about war. It’s a magical realism book (a bit). It’s a slightly-sci-fi book set in a near-future world, with a surprisingly optimistic view of humanity offering up both the worst and the best of itself. It’s stunningly encompassing, for a slim little book of little over 200 pages, and yet very specific, a story of two people trying to hold their love together against the odds, and it walks that balance incredibly well. Mohsin Hamid IS BRILLIANT in other words.








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Holmstice wrapped! What fun that was, especially since I had an almost absurd amount of free time/attention to devote to it, through a lucky confluence of being on break now that the school year's ended + being extra chuffed to finally have time to sign up for Holmestice again + maybe also just really needing a good, happy Sherlock Holmes fandom thing after the trainwreck mess that BBC Sherlock S4 became. Anyway, I can't seem to do things by half measures, so I read ALL the fics and commented on ALL the fics, and put obsessive energy into making massive guessing posts about who wrote what, which is a fun (and daunting) thing I'd admired from afar about Holmestices past, and it was marvelous fun. Recommend!

I wrote a Greek myth fusion AU (which happened in my last Holmestice, too, also because of what my gift recipient requested!) This was also my first ever actual Sherlock/John story (instead of just hinting at the possibility), so I'm pleased about that. Taking out piles of books and reading up on Persephone and the underworld was fun as well. :-)  The gift I received was A Long Game by [personal profile] alafaye – a charming getting-together story about both Mycroft/Lestrade and Molly/Anthea in parallel. Most people in the fest offer m/m pairings, with of course also some genfic and the occasional m/f pairing or threesome thrown in, so as far as I can tell alafaye wrote Molly/Anthea (not at all part of what they'd offered in their original sign-up) only because my request asked so specifically for anything featuring the awesome female characters of Sherlock, and I just think that's the nicest thing. Besides...Anthea. Anthea!

Now I can focus back to wrapping up some other writing – my companion-but-also-stands-alone fic connected to "Raise Your Lantern High" is complete and the marvelous (and marvelously patient with my endless questions!) [personal profile] gilpin25 has beta-read it; then this evening I also finished revising my Snow Queen fusion adventure/romance story, where Tonks is the one who rescues Remus. So all of a sudden I've got these two big stories finished that I've been working on for over a year and over half a year respectively, both of which have not only female protagonists, but almost entirely female casts of characters, and showcase women being strong in a whole variety of ways... Feels like a good balance to the Sherlock/John I've just written, and the Remus/Sirius I'm about to write. (My RS Games fic is going to be (another!) very-fun-to-write fusion, but I probably shouldn't say more since I suppose that gives things away.) ;-)



John Finnemore's new series of Double Acts has been excellent. I thought the first series was quite good, but this second series has been amazing. Stephanie Cole as Queen Victoria? Una Stubbs? A three-in-a-row straight run of awesome roles for older women? (Seriously, I'm not kidding, why are all writers not John Finnemore? He continues to be at the forefront of writing interesting female characters and presenting gay relationships as simply a matter of course, in mainstream media.) And all this is wrapped up in clever, FUNNY writing, mind you!

Anyway, after all the excellence of the series so far, if I can believe what my eyes saw on his Twitter, I'm pretty sure John just announced that the sixth and final episode will be performed by John Finnemore himself, and...Michael Palin.

That Michael Palin.

Michael FREAKING PALIN, of Monty Python.

Excuse me while I fall over from hyperventilating. I'll just be on the floor until two weeks from now, when the episode airs.

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Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Summary: No, it’s not impossible, because he saw it happen before his eyes. Improbable, perhaps. Yes. But there has always been something improbable about John.

Characters: Sherlock, John, and Moriarty

Pairing: Sherlock/John

Words: 6,500

Notes: Written for [personal profile] zaffrefic for summer 2017 [community profile] holmestice. Thanks to [personal profile] pipmer1, the most enthusiastic beta! And thanks to [personal profile] arianedevere for the wonderful resource that is her episode transcripts – I referred to the transcript of The Great Game a lot for this.

Read on AO3, or here below:



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Summary: Twenty drabbles about twenty characters, and where they are twenty years on from the start of the Harry Potter series – in honour of the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, first published on 26 June, 1997. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HARRY POTTER!

Characters: Aberforth, Andromeda, Angelina, Arthur, Charlie, Dean, Draco, Fleur & Bill, George, Ginny, Hagrid, Harry, Hermione, Luna, Minerva, Molly, Neville, Percy, Ron, Teddy

Rating: G

Words: 2,000 exactly


By “twenty years on from the start of the Harry Potter series” I mean I’ve set this roughly in the summer of 2011, so it’s 20 years after the start of the main action of Philosopher’s Stone (1991: Harry’s 11th birthday/getting his Hogwarts letter), and 13 years after the end of Deathly Hallows (1998: when Harry’s nearly 18).

Probably some small deviations here from Pottermore and latterly JKR revelations about characters’ post-canon lives, since I tend to view those as interesting expanded universe but not strictly canon, and because in some characters’ cases I’d already written stories and established headcanons before JKR’s info came out. Minor stuff, though! Details like where Fleur works. :-)

Read on AO3, or here below:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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Wotcher, Potter fans!

Oh my goodness, the twentieth anniversary of the first Harry Potter book – published on June 26, 1997 – is almost here. June 26, that's this coming Monday!

I did manage to write a fic in honor of the date (which I'll post on Monday), despite an intense month of deadlines and stuff, plus now being knocked out by some kind of awful respiratory illness. I'd wanted to do more rallying of "who else wants to write twentieth anniversary fics and all post them on that day??" ...but, yeah, see above re: work + illness.

BUT, if anyone else wants to write something anniversary-ish, even a drabble, I can attest to how satisfying and momentous it feels. :-)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, Holmestice is wrapping up and the RS Games are kicking off, so for a moment my two main fandoms are overlapping. Aw. Fandom is nice.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today was my last day of work for this school year. (Sort of... I've been out sick for days, so I wasn't there to catch most of that year-end feeling. I shouldn't really have gone in today, either, but it was the last day and I needed to get my things and tie up some loose ends.)

I took out SO MANY BOOKS from our library for the summer...


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Just want to mention for anyone who likes comedy and/or hearing good writing on the radio performed by excellent actors... There's a new series of John Finnemore's Double Acts now airing! (For anyone who doesn't know, he's the writer behind the insanely good, funny, clever, smart, fast, all-around excellent writing of Cabin Pressure.) It's the usual BBC Radio 4 thing where you can listen to each new episode live, or hear it for about a month afterward (free!) online.

You can find all the episodes so far here: John Finnemore's Double Acts.

They're each standalone, half-hour, two-person radio plays. I have to say, I don't love the Double Acts as much as I love Cabin Pressure... But then again, there are very, very, very, very few things in THE WORLD I love as much as I love Cabin Pressure. So.

Tonight's new episode (number 3 out of 6) got mysteriously postponed... But it was replaced for now with "The Goliath Window," an excellent entry from the previous series of the Double Acts, so that's all right. Of this new series, episode 1 featured the marvelous Stephanie Cole (Carolyn of Cabin Pressure); episode 2 I found especially delightful, with the clever twists and unexpectedly rich character development that are trademark Finnemore. And I see episode 4 is going to star Una Stubbs!

Also, I just want to say: bless John Finnemore with all the good things in the universe for consistently writing complex, interesting roles for middle-aged and older women. I wish everyone in the world were John Finnemore.

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Every now and then, I eye my total word count on AO3 (AO3 is so excellent and user-friendly in the way it shows stats!) and think about what a satisfying milestone it's going to be when I hit 500,000 words. 500,000 words – that's like 10 novels, if you count in NaNoWriMo terms! (Yes, NaNo sets their word target at the low end of what can be considered a novel...but still.) Right now my fics on AO3 add up to about 489,000 words, so it's very much within striking distance.

Then I realized: I already have way, way more than those remaining 11,000 words sitting right here on my desktop. Between three different complete-but-not-yet-posted fics (one that's finished and I just sent off to Holmestice, one I just got back from its beta and will be doing final revisions on before posting, and one that I want to do another read-through of before it too needs to find a beta but it's definitely a complete story) I have about another 55,000 words sitting right here, nearly ready for the world. (Eep...another novel's worth??)

I'm way over 500,000 and I didn't even realize. (But it's still going to be awesome when that number is there in black and white on AO3.)  :-)
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Ahhhh, new favorite bookish/writerish thing to recommend: the blog Disability in Kidlit.

I stumbled on it last night through one of those chains of things that lead to other things, and have been reading their book reviews ever since. So good! Want to know if that book about an autistic character actually reads authentically as being from the internal perspective of an autistic character, rather than a neurotypical author's not-quite-getting-it-right attempt? Yeah, check out the reviews by these folks!

They also write posts that I found fascinating as a writer, on everything from what they term "autism voice" (again, what neurotypical people think autistic people think like) to in-depth thoughts on the many possibilities and complexities of how to represent sign language in writing.

Plus, OMG, after reading their review I now need to read the new book Queens of Geek (two best friends at a fan con; one is a bi woman of color, one is autistic and has anxiety; it's feminist and a romance and a geek friendship story and sounds beyond charming) even more than I already thought I did!

(Speaking of books I must read, I handed Becky Albertalli's new book The Upside of Unrequited to one of my most wonderful students yesterday, but when she's done with it...)

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The all-day book talk about the best recent YA was indeed excellent! Hats off to anyone who can talk for 7 hours about books and make it fun. :-) I heard about a ton of books, of course, but also she presented various fun resources for teachers and librarians. One of my favorites was Recovering the Classics, a project that encourages people to make (and sell!) beautiful, creative book covers for classic literature, instead of the drab covers they tend to get shoved into. (Re-covering...get it? Pun??) So basically, fanart, but cool to see it celebrated and promoted in a mainstream context. And omigosh, so beautiful.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm not on Tumblr, but I occasionally visit, and there I recently stumbled across the suggestion that "The first line of almost any story can be improved by making sure the second line is, 'And then the murders began.'" (via copperbadge)

Excellent! This is great to do with any classic book, of course, but also fun to do with your own stories. Here are a few of mine:

Sirius' jaw dropped. And then the murders began.

Watching Dover disappear into the fog behind the ferry rail, Remus felt some constriction deep in his chest ease, just a fraction, for the first time since the news had reached him. And then the murders began.

Tosh flashed that disarming little smile Jack was quickly learning to associate with a stroke of even more brilliance than usual on her part. And then the murders began.

And the terribly appropriate...

“Which is more powerful, do you think, love or magic?” Albus asked, bending a leafy bough out of the way as he followed Gellert through the sun-dappled woods that dotted the hills outside Godric’s Hollow. And then the murders began.

It's fun! Dooooo iiiiiiiit.


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