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Birthdate:Mar 14
Location:United States of America
I write fic for Harry Potter, Sherlock and occasionally Torchwood; read in those fandoms and some others as well; and read a LOT of books. So the stuff I post about will generally be a combination of those things. :-)

I'm long-ish in fandom but new to Dreamwidth, so I'd be happy to meet people who still like in-depth nerding out over Harry Potter characters (old-school style; I haven't been able to get interested in Cursed Child). Other things I'll squee with you about: Sherlock, Torchwood, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Cabin Pressure, a feminist perspective on any fandom, an LGBTQ+-ally perspective on any fandom, and ALL BOOKS. ;-) I currently work in a high school library, so I think a lot about the intersection of kids + books, and issues of diversity and representation and own voices writing... I do a quarterly round-up of the books I especially loved each three months, if you want to come chat about what I've been reading. (I don't automatically friend back if I don't know you, but I'll friend if I know you...and all my fic and my posts about books are always unlocked. Or, er, whatever the equivalent terminology is here on Dreamwidth!)

In writing, I seem to gravitate to characters who've survived loss (Remus Lupin, Andromeda Tonks) yet somehow come through it still kind and compassionate people. I'll write romances too, but I love genfic! I like realistic happy endings that take work to get to, where no one's all good or all bad. I used to write only canon-compliant stories that explored missing moments and lesser known characters, but lately I've been discovering the fun of delightful hybrids like gothic AUs and fairy tale fusions.

All my fic can be found:
at AO3
at Dreamwidth
at LJ

I have an open policy on transformative works: You're very welcome to translate/podfic/fanart/etc. anything I've written (in fact, I LOVE all of those things!) – just please share the link to your work with me, so I can see it and enjoy what you made, too, and please link back to my original from your work. Thank you!

I also have some recs of others' work here.

Some fun stuff I've done...

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