Jan. 14th, 2017

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One of the greatest things about writing (well, among many things!) is the delightfully random assortment of things I find myself needing to research for story purposes. In the last 24 hours, for example, just a few of those things have included:

–what precisely is considered the border between the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea?
–are there any Norwegian women's names that mean "deer"?
–what's the difference, in appearance, between female and male wood pigeons?

I think back on my own search history, and it cracks me up. :-)  (And by the way, if you can guess what story I'm working on just from those clues, I'll be very impressed!)

I just spent a few hours at a café, having a sitting-and-working-on-our-respective-projects writing meet-up with a friend. Yes, I finally made a local writer friend here in my new-ish town! I am rapturously happy.

It was when I was cracking myself up over my own research of wood pigeons that I admitted to my new friend about the exact nature of the fanfic/fusion project I'm working on; she's a Serious Writer from a Very Literary Background, not a fic writer, but she said it sounded amazing and she wants to read it.  !!

That's even more motivation to write thousands of words in the next few days if I possibly can, and complete this story. (This is the fic I'm writing for [livejournal.com profile] rt_morelove, and I'm 10,000 words in but still only maybe...2/3 of the way through the plot? Because it's a fusion, there's a fairly clear plot arc I have to follow, and I've got a few sections of it still to go!)
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Gonna do a quick little run of these so I'm finally caught up, despite having started the challenge a week late!

Day 11 )

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