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Sharp and Bright against a Golden Sky (Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald as teenagers, part 1 of Golden, Ripe and Rotten)
Ripe as Summer Quinces (Dumbledore and Grindelwald, part 2 of Golden, Ripe and Rotten)
The Rotten Core (Dumbledore and Grindelwald, part 3 of Golden, Ripe and Rotten)
Sharp Lightning against a Dangerous Sky (Dumbledore and Grindelwald, decades later)
All the Times Things Changed Forever (Petunia and Lily through the years)
Hold Tight and Almost Believe (Hope Lupin, Lyall Lupin and Remus)
A New World Bursting into Bloom (Andromeda and Ted)
The Landlord's Other Daughter (remix of The Chimes at Midnight by stereolightning) (Narcissa and Andromeda, part 1 of La Ronde Noire)
In the Wrong House (Remus' first year at Hogwarts, with James, Sirius, Peter and ensemble) – or master post of all chapters here
First Kiss (Sirius and Remus)
Tea, No Sympathy (Narcissa and Regulus, part 2 of La Ronde Noire)
Brothers (various times pre-canon, Sirius, James and Regulus)
The Great Guest List (Sirius' 17th birthday, Sirius, James, Remus and Peter)
Buy One, Get All Four (seventh year, Lily, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter)
Sirius Black and the Case of the Missing Dirigible Plums (seventh year; Sirius, James and Lily)
Relentless Sunshine (summer of 1979; Mad-Eye Moody and Lily and the Order)
Two Brothers Down a Dark Alley Sometime in 1979 (Regulus and Sirius, part 3 of La Ronde Noire)
Among these Fields of Gold (Remus, with James, Lily and Sirius)
Oh the rising of the sun and the running of the deer (Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, Peter and baby Harry; drabble)
Skellig, Azkaban, Albion, Éire (Sirius and Remus, part 1 of From Rock to Sea to Solid Ground)
Cast Your Soul to the Sea (Remus, with Lily in Remus' memory, part 2 of From Rock to Sea to Solid Ground)

Undivided (during GoF; Snape)
What I Have Taken Long Before (post-GoF/pre-OotP; Remus and Sirius, part 3 of From Rock to Sea to Solid Ground and prequel to "Be the Light in My Lantern")
Be the Light in My Lantern (OotP; first half of my Remus/Tonks epic) – or master post of all chapters here
The Pied Piper of Privet Drive, or, How the Dursleys Came to Be Short-Listed for the All-England Best Kept Suburban Lawn Competition (co-written with stereolightning) (very early OotP; Tonks, Remus and co.)
Nymphadora Tonks and the Marauder's Box (co-written with stereolightning) (autumn of OotP; Tonks, Remus and Sirius)
Forget this Tapestry (autumn of OotP; Sirius and Andromeda, part 4 of La Ronde Noire)
Come all you out of – or into – the cold (winter of OotP; Sirius, Remus and Tonks)
Ain't Misbehavin' (Christmas of OotP; Tonks, Remus and briefly Sirius)
Sirius...Black (Six Drabbles) (from pre-Marauders-era to end of OotP; Sirius and co.)
Raise Your Lantern High (HBP; second half of my Remus/Tonks epic) – or master post of all chapters here
Ron Weasley Proves Himself Wrong (HBP; Ron, Tonks and Fleur; drabble)
A Conversation That's Not About Veela (HBP; Harry and Remus)
Seasons Change But We Remain (throughout the year of DH; Remus and Tonks)
Can't Return, We Can Only Look (just before DH; Ted, Andromeda, Remus and Tonks)
Lionheart (before or at the very beginning of DH; Remus and Tonks)
Sleeping (after HBP or early in DH; Remus and Tonks)
Counting Time in the Lunar Tide (before or early in DH; Tonks)
Already There (early in DH; Remus and Tonks and Andromeda)
Go On, Try (early in DH; Remus and Ted and Tonks; sequel to "Already There")
Step Right Up (autumn of DH; Kingsley Shacklebolt and Lee Jordan)
Yahrzeit (during DH; Remus and Tonks)
Unexpected (shortly before Christmas during DH; not quite canon; Charlie, Tonks and briefly Remus)
Lupercalia (February of DH; Remus and Tonks)
Easter Sun (Easter break during DH; Ginny and Tonks)
Like a Cat in the Sun (Easter-ish of DH; Remus, Tonks and others)
Precisely What I Mean (late in DH; Tonks, Remus and baby Teddy)
Neville Longbottom and the Year That Was (all of DH; Neville and company)
Scents of Sorrow, Scents of Joy (from beginning of PoA to end of DH; Crookshanks, Hermione, Ron and others)

Ginny, Harry, Teddy, Family (shortly after DH; Ginny and Harry, with Teddy and Andromeda)
Two Sisters Take Tea (six months after DH; Andromeda, Narcissa and baby Teddy; this story is now also part 5 of La Ronde Noire.)
Chambers (winter after DH; Ginny, with Harry, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Ron and all the Weasleys) – or master post of all chapters here
Saturdays at the Shop with George (the year after DH; Angelina and George)
Never Too Late to Say Thank You (not quite a year after the end of the war; Andromeda, Dean and briefly Harry and baby Teddy)
Feels Like Home (a year and a bit after DH; Hermione and Harry)
If You've Got a Lantern Hold It High (three years after DH; McGonagall, Andromeda and original characters from "Raise Your Lantern High") – or master post of all chapters here
Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed (a few years after DH; Hermione and McGonagall)
Naming (a few years on; Harry and Ginny)
Twenty Years On (11 years after the end of DH; the whole ensemble)
Saying Yes (begins 12 years after DH; Andromeda, Kingsley, Teddy and ensemble (Harry! Ginny! Molly! Kingsley's kids! all the Potters and Weasleys!) – or master post of all chapters here
That Great Unseen Good Man (summer after Teddy's 3rd year; Teddy and Harry)
Waiting for the Snow (Teddy, Victoire & co.; Teddy is 18 or 19)

Remus/Sirius AUs
On a Windswept Cliff (Remus/Sirius gothic romance AU) – or master post of all chapters here
Boys in Space (Marauders-era Remus/Sirius, in an outer space AU)
Fantastic Beasts and How to Win Their Hearts: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast (co-written with stereolightning) (Remus/Sirius retelling/fusion of Beauty and the Beast with Harry Potter) – or master post of all chapters here
A Constellation's Just a Picture in the Sky (Remus/Sirius slight-canon-divergence AU) – or master post of all chapters here

Remus/Sirius canon-ish
Never Say Never Never (Remus/Sirius, 1977)
Dust and Soot and Silence (Remus/Sirius, 1979)
Hangover Cures (Remus/Sirius, ca. 1980)
Shipwreck Against Your Eyes (Remus/Sirius, 1981)

Other AUs
Shelter at Your Door (Andromeda/Remus) – or master post of all chapters here

Or read by SERIES
Master post for Be the Light in My Lantern series here
Master post for Golden, Ripe and Rotten series here
Master post for La Ronde Noire series here
Master post for From Rock to Sea to Solid Ground series here
All my Andromeda stories collected together on AO3 here
All my Remus stories collected together on AO3 here
All my Remus/Tonks stories collected together on AO3 here


Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Father Christmas (Sherlock and Mycroft as kids)
The Truth Will Break Your Heart (Sherlock and Mycroft as kids, slightly older)
Shadow and Shade (Sherlock and Mycroft, a bit older still)
Holly to the Ivy (Sherlock and Mycroft, very young adults)
It's Not Just About Who You're Sleeping With (Molly and Sherlock; sort of Sherlock/John, but not exactly)
(or read these five one-shots together as the "Brothers, Bitter and Sweet" series)

Little Amusements, or How Anthea Got Her Name (fun Anthea backstory!)
In Twenty Minutes (Sherlock and John, an S4 kind-of fix-it, after The Hug)

plus two AUs:
Son of Demeter, No Friend to Hades (Sherlock/John Greek mythology AU, a quest to rescue one's lover and discover one's own heart)
Buds and Bells and Stars without a Name (AU with adventure and mythological beasts; eventual Sherlock/Lestrade, but can also be read as mostly gen)


Very 21st Century (Jack/Ianto; post-"Something Borrowed")
Some Things Can't Wait (Jack/Ianto; post-"Adrift")
Foreign Languages (whole team; various times/no spoilers) (I've now also translated this fic into German! Fremdsprachen)
Unfamiliar Times (Jack and his past, so, kind of spoilers for everything)
Space Cowboys in a Space Bar (Torchwood/Star Wars/Firefly crossover, no spoliers, just fun!)


Belladonna Blue (The Mentalist; post-series finale ("White Orchids"))

(also, see above for one Torchwood/Star Wars/Firefly crossover!)

(All stories also at AO3; some stories also at

Also, here's a collection of my RECS of other people's stories. Mostly Harry Potter, but also some other fandoms. Or search by my "recs" tag (and then scroll to the bottom) to get a more easily overviewed, condensed view instead of seeing all the recs written out in full.


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