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Also, here's a collection of my RECS of other people's stories. Mostly Harry Potter, but also some other fandoms. Or search by my "recs" tag (and then scroll to the bottom) to get a more easily overviewed, condensed view instead of seeing all the recs written out in full.
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Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Summary: No, it’s not impossible, because he saw it happen before his eyes. Improbable, perhaps. Yes. But there has always been something improbable about John.

Characters: Sherlock, John, and Moriarty

Pairing: Sherlock/John

Words: 6,500

Notes: Written for [personal profile] zaffrefic for summer 2017 [community profile] holmestice. Thanks to [personal profile] pipmer1, the most enthusiastic beta! And thanks to [personal profile] arianedevere for the wonderful resource that is her episode transcripts – I referred to the transcript of The Great Game a lot for this.

Read on AO3, or here below:



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Summary: Twenty drabbles about twenty characters, and where they are twenty years on from the start of the Harry Potter series – in honour of the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, first published on 26 June, 1997. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HARRY POTTER!

Characters: Aberforth, Andromeda, Angelina, Arthur, Charlie, Dean, Draco, Fleur & Bill, George, Ginny, Hagrid, Harry, Hermione, Luna, Minerva, Molly, Neville, Percy, Ron, Teddy

Rating: G

Words: 2,000 exactly


By “twenty years on from the start of the Harry Potter series” I mean I’ve set this roughly in the summer of 2011, so it’s 20 years after the start of the main action of Philosopher’s Stone (1991: Harry’s 11th birthday/getting his Hogwarts letter), and 13 years after the end of Deathly Hallows (1998: when Harry’s nearly 18).

Probably some small deviations here from Pottermore and latterly JKR revelations about characters’ post-canon lives, since I tend to view those as interesting expanded universe but not strictly canon, and because in some characters’ cases I’d already written stories and established headcanons before JKR’s info came out. Minor stuff, though! Details like where Fleur works. :-)

Read on AO3, or here below:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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Wotcher, Potter fans!

Oh my goodness, the twentieth anniversary of the first Harry Potter book – published on June 26, 1997 – is almost here. June 26, that's this coming Monday!

I did manage to write a fic in honor of the date (which I'll post on Monday), despite an intense month of deadlines and stuff, plus now being knocked out by some kind of awful respiratory illness. I'd wanted to do more rallying of "who else wants to write twentieth anniversary fics and all post them on that day??" ...but, yeah, see above re: work + illness.

BUT, if anyone else wants to write something anniversary-ish, even a drabble, I can attest to how satisfying and momentous it feels. :-)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, Holmestice is wrapping up and the RS Games are kicking off, so for a moment my two main fandoms are overlapping. Aw. Fandom is nice.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today was my last day of work for this school year. (Sort of... I've been out sick for days, so I wasn't there to catch most of that year-end feeling. I shouldn't really have gone in today, either, but it was the last day and I needed to get my things and tie up some loose ends.)

I took out SO MANY BOOKS from our library for the summer...


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Just want to mention for anyone who likes comedy and/or hearing good writing on the radio performed by excellent actors... There's a new series of John Finnemore's Double Acts now airing! (For anyone who doesn't know, he's the writer behind the insanely good, funny, clever, smart, fast, all-around excellent writing of Cabin Pressure.) It's the usual BBC Radio 4 thing where you can listen to each new episode live, or hear it for about a month afterward (free!) online.

You can find all the episodes so far here: John Finnemore's Double Acts.

They're each standalone, half-hour, two-person radio plays. I have to say, I don't love the Double Acts as much as I love Cabin Pressure... But then again, there are very, very, very, very few things in THE WORLD I love as much as I love Cabin Pressure. So.

Tonight's new episode (number 3 out of 6) got mysteriously postponed... But it was replaced for now with "The Goliath Window," an excellent entry from the previous series of the Double Acts, so that's all right. Of this new series, episode 1 featured the marvelous Stephanie Cole (Carolyn of Cabin Pressure); episode 2 I found especially delightful, with the clever twists and unexpectedly rich character development that are trademark Finnemore. And I see episode 4 is going to star Una Stubbs!

Also, I just want to say: bless John Finnemore with all the good things in the universe for consistently writing complex, interesting roles for middle-aged and older women. I wish everyone in the world were John Finnemore.

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Every now and then, I eye my total word count on AO3 (AO3 is so excellent and user-friendly in the way it shows stats!) and think about what a satisfying milestone it's going to be when I hit 500,000 words. 500,000 words – that's like 10 novels, if you count in NaNoWriMo terms! (Yes, NaNo sets their word target at the low end of what can be considered a novel...but still.) Right now my fics on AO3 add up to about 489,000 words, so it's very much within striking distance.

Then I realized: I already have way, way more than those remaining 11,000 words sitting right here on my desktop. Between three different complete-but-not-yet-posted fics (one that's finished and I just sent off to Holmestice, one I just got back from its beta and will be doing final revisions on before posting, and one that I want to do another read-through of before it too needs to find a beta but it's definitely a complete story) I have about another 55,000 words sitting right here, nearly ready for the world. (Eep...another novel's worth??)

I'm way over 500,000 and I didn't even realize. (But it's still going to be awesome when that number is there in black and white on AO3.)  :-)
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Ahhhh, new favorite bookish/writerish thing to recommend: the blog Disability in Kidlit.

I stumbled on it last night through one of those chains of things that lead to other things, and have been reading their book reviews ever since. So good! Want to know if that book about an autistic character actually reads authentically as being from the internal perspective of an autistic character, rather than a neurotypical author's not-quite-getting-it-right attempt? Yeah, check out the reviews by these folks!

They also write posts that I found fascinating as a writer, on everything from what they term "autism voice" (again, what neurotypical people think autistic people think like) to in-depth thoughts on the many possibilities and complexities of how to represent sign language in writing.

Plus, OMG, after reading their review I now need to read the new book Queens of Geek (two best friends at a fan con; one is a bi woman of color, one is autistic and has anxiety; it's feminist and a romance and a geek friendship story and sounds beyond charming) even more than I already thought I did!

(Speaking of books I must read, I handed Becky Albertalli's new book The Upside of Unrequited to one of my most wonderful students yesterday, but when she's done with it...)

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The all-day book talk about the best recent YA was indeed excellent! Hats off to anyone who can talk for 7 hours about books and make it fun. :-) I heard about a ton of books, of course, but also she presented various fun resources for teachers and librarians. One of my favorites was Recovering the Classics, a project that encourages people to make (and sell!) beautiful, creative book covers for classic literature, instead of the drab covers they tend to get shoved into. (Re-covering...get it? Pun??) So basically, fanart, but cool to see it celebrated and promoted in a mainstream context. And omigosh, so beautiful.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm not on Tumblr, but I occasionally visit, and there I recently stumbled across the suggestion that "The first line of almost any story can be improved by making sure the second line is, 'And then the murders began.'" (via copperbadge)

Excellent! This is great to do with any classic book, of course, but also fun to do with your own stories. Here are a few of mine:

Sirius' jaw dropped. And then the murders began.

Watching Dover disappear into the fog behind the ferry rail, Remus felt some constriction deep in his chest ease, just a fraction, for the first time since the news had reached him. And then the murders began.

Tosh flashed that disarming little smile Jack was quickly learning to associate with a stroke of even more brilliance than usual on her part. And then the murders began.

And the terribly appropriate...

“Which is more powerful, do you think, love or magic?” Albus asked, bending a leafy bough out of the way as he followed Gellert through the sun-dappled woods that dotted the hills outside Godric’s Hollow. And then the murders began.

It's fun! Dooooo iiiiiiiit.

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BBC Sherlock


She made up secret personas each day to keep from going mad with boredom at her job. It amused her, and it didn’t matter since no one noticed anyway.

Until Mycroft Holmes noticed.

Characters: Anthea, Mycroft, original character

Words: 3,500

Notes: This is for [personal profile] indybaggins, who once said "I'd be curious to see how you portray Anthea," so ( . . . a little bit later . . . ) here she is.

I suppose I should further note – though it’s not hugely relevant for this particular story – that as a whole I’m pretty much ignoring the existence of S4 . . . so I’m writing the characters as they were around S1/S2-era or so. :-)

Thank you to [personal profile] pipmer1 for betareading!

~ ~ ~ ~

Little Amusements )

or read it on AO3.

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BBC Sherlock

Summary: After the hug, what then?

Characters: John, Sherlock

Words: 1,900

Notes: Ages ago [personal profile] pipmer1 left a prompt wanting to see “what happens between Sherlock and John right after that epic hug.” That stuck in my brain, and months later I’ve ended up writing my version of it…even though I’ve otherwise been trying valiantly to delete S4 from my brain entirely. ;-)

Thank you to [personal profile] indybaggins for betareading! We realized we were both writing fics about the exact same canon missing moment (though very different in tone) and decided to swap betaing. It was fun! And thanks as always to [personal profile] arianedevere, whose transcripts are a fandom resource and treasure.

Rated T for discussions of grief, and John’s swearing.

~ ~ ~ ~

In Twenty Minutes )

or read it on AO3.

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I just had cause to look up the original publication date for the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, and discovered that it was June 26, 1997. Yes, Harry Potter – the book, the series, the phenomenon, the life – is going to be twenty years old next month.

Fandom, I hope we're going to celebrate??

(And not only that, but we can do a double anniversary celebration, because also Deathly Hallows will be ten years old this summer, since it was published in July 2007 – which I'll never forget, because [personal profile] rabbitica was traveling with me in Europe that summer, endlessly debating whether she should buy the book in Europe and read it on the plane back or wait until she got back to the US; which meant neither of us had read the book yet while we were traveling, and we were in a hostel in Istanbul and had to run out of the room when anyone started talking about Deathly Hallows spoilers... She did buy the book and read it on the plane all in the one sitting; I waited until I'd moved to Berlin and borrowed it from my roommate's friend and read it in my little room with the sloping attic ceiling. I'm actually surprised that was only ten years ago. It feels like another life. Whereas HP#1 being twenty whopping years ago...that makes me feel old!)

Also, whenever I think of that full title, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, I have to go listen to Van Morrison's song "Philosopher's Stone."

Even my best friends, even my best friends they don't know
That my job is turning lead into gold...


May. 2nd, 2017 09:04 am
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Have you ever been in a room with 35 quietly studying students, 35 teenagers just barely managing to rein in their innate need to be squirrelly and giggly and rambunctious, and despite all odds turning that energy towards independently focusing on schoolwork instead... When out of nowhere one of them falls off a chair?

A whole morning's entertainment in that!

(Especially when he stands up, half sheepish, half proud, holding the now-detached chair back in his hand and announces in response to everyone's exclamations of concern, "...Yeah, I'm good.")
I was thinking yesterday that I need an icon for writing, since that's one of the things I talk about most. (I actually made one for books, when I set up here on Dreamwidth, though so far I've forgotten to use it; but I don't have one for writing.) Now I think I also need one for "teenagers are great and they amuse me." 
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The official result:

April word count goal:  20,000
April word count achieved: 20,900

Despite being so far ahead as of a week ago, I had to scramble today to still make the goal, after this last week turned into Hell Week (my housing situation for the rest of the year unexpectedly falling through and the mental toll that took, car issues that took all week to resolve, sudden job possibility that came up that I spent a lot of Friday figuring out details about, etc.); plus most of the writing I was doing this week was actually editing existing stories, which doesn't tend to generate many new words. So I came into the weekend a couple thousand words short, which isn't a lot of words...but is a lot of words if the only "writing" on the docket is revising an existing 30-page fic.

And then in a sudden burst today I wrote an entire short fic – a Sherlock one-shot – that I'd never expected to write, over the course of this afternoon. So now I've more than met my word goal and suddenly I have four completed stories on my desktop. What. 

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Being on break from work last week was good for writing!

I finished a complete first draft of the huge Snow-Queen-fairy-tale-Harry-Potter-characters fusion I've been working on since December (actually I reached the final word of the draft on the last day before I went on break, but the final section of it felt like a bloated, confused mess; so over break I did just enough editing and wrangling with it to make it feel like an actual, complete thing that can be set aside to settle for a bit, then returned to for proper editing/revision).

I also suddenly out of nowhere completed a 13k fic (also Harry Potter – nominally a little follow-up to my Be the Light in My Lantern series, but my hope is that it could also stand on its own if someone wanted to read it on its own) that I've had on the back burner for ages and kept adding bits to now and then, but was having trouble pushing through to the end. Now it has an end!

And in a sudden burst I wrote a small Sherlock fic I'd had the idea for ages ago, but wasn't sure I was ever going to manage to write. Now it's written!

So now instead of having four endlessly in-process fics sitting on my desktop, I suddenly have three complete drafts eager to be revised and posted. What! 

I'd also set myself a word count goal for the month of April: 20,000 words. That's not huge but also not insignificant, while still being realistic to aim for in a month where I was moving, going away for a few days, applying for a big-deal job that took all my attention for a few days, etc. I came back on Sunday from a few days out of town and did my latest tallying up to find 17,000 of those words written, and a week still left to the month. Yay!


    . . . I also came back from my days away to find that the friend I was going to move in with in June, who invited me to split the rent with her on a beautiful house in my favorite part of town where I was finally going to have stability and calm and a place to breathe after two an a half years of bouncing between house-sitting and sublets and always scrambling to find the next short-term solution despite my small budget and uncertain long-term plans, and I was looking forward so so so much to finally having a home after all of that, I can't even tell you...that friend is breaking the lease and backing out on me. Which is not yay.

And so I return to this perpetual peripatetic instability I'm so tired of.

I'm so tired.


The upside, at least, is that I'm free to travel as much as I want this summer, since I won't be paying rent. Ísland, ég kem! (Deutschland, zu dir natürlich auch.)

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Import is complete (well, comments are still queueing to import, but otherwise all's in place), so this journal now has everything my Livejournal has, but this is the first post I'm making directly on Dreamwidth. I've set it to continue to crosspost to LJ, at least for now.

It bears saying: Dreamwidth, you are amazing. The function to import an entire other journal from elsewhere and have it appear here, fully intact, a perfect mirror? Magic!

I'm sad Livejournal is imploding because Livejournal has been my fandom home for a long time, a place where friendships formed that I never expected, the place where I learned to stop being a silent lurker and be an active part of fandom! But I'm so impressed that Dreamwidth was here all along, being quietly awesome. I hadn't joined Dreamwidth before now only because the communities I interacted with happened to be on LJ, but now I am here, and most of my friends and communities are popping up here too, and Dreamwidth has been so gracious to the flood of panicking LJ-ers arriving on these shores. I'm full of goofy, grateful feelings.

Hello, Dreamwidth!

(Now, back to revising the first draft of 35,000 words about rescuing the person you love from an ancient shape-shifting beast who lives at the frozen north of the world...)
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Hi everyone!

Hoo boy, once again I am really far behind, because of the usual things (headaches every day; moving yet again) but also good things (applying to an it's-a-long-shot-but-would-be-extremely-exciting-if-I-got-it job opportunity that came up very suddenly; also just completed the first draft of the novella-length fic I've been working on since December).

BUT. When I've had very brief chances to glance at LJ and my friends feed, it does look like pretty much everyone is making the shift to Dreamwidth, which makes me very relieved. I know my corner of fandom is a tiny corner, but I have treasured it! It seems like nearly everyone is going to rebuild on Dreamwidth and that's heartening. Not everything will survive, I'm sure (for example, the crowd I interacted with when I first started participating actively in fandom is no longer really active on LJ anyway, so I guess that aspect is gone) but it sounds like even comms are reforming over on Dreamwidth, so, yay! In the spirit of things, I think I should sign up for Holmestice. :-) YAY!

I did make my Dreamwidth journal – same username, HERE – when the LJ TOS first came out, but haven't had a chance to import anything yet or get going over there. I will, though, and I'll come find y'all and friend (or whatever the equivalent terminology is there – new things to learn!). I think it's all going to be okay, and I'm glad.

I'll probably switch to posting at Dreamwidth but have it crosspost to LJ, at least for a while, as we see how things go.

Onward and upward!

(Edited to add: I just realized I probably sound obnoxiously chirpy about this catastrophe that hit us as a fandom, or at the very least bizarrely chirpy about it. I have the dubious benefit of having been too snowed under with other life stuff to do anything more than watch in horrified passivity as it all unfolded, and am now reaping the benefits of showing up later, when other people have already sorted out most of the mess. For this I am very grateful.)
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Time to talk about this quarter in books! I read 31 of ‘em over the past 3 months, which I guess has become a fairly standard average for me. Ha ha ha ha let’s see if I can actually narrow that down to only a few favorites…

Later, after going through my list of what I read: Nope, I’m terrible at narrowing; once again it’s going to be a long list of books I love!


The Color Purple by Alice Walker
     This book starts out deceptively simple and gets richer and richer and richer. It unfolds from the painful, tight, short single-page first chapters of childhood abuse and degradation to a beautiful story of a woman who's found herself and built a found family around her. My pitiful words aren't doing this justice. Can anyone tell me if all of Alice Walker's books are this brilliant?

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire
How did I not know about prolific writer Seanan McGuire? This slim book pulls off not just one but many worlds' worth of world-building, because it's set at a boarding school for children who've tumbled into other fairytale worlds...and then accidentally fell back into our world again. So good. Also, bonus asexual character representation, and trans character representation, all presented totally matter-of-factly as "this is who I am, why would it be an issue?"

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli
Dawwww this book is so charming! I just want to cuddle it! (I literally sometimes have to pick it back up and cradle it to my chest and grin about how much I love it.) Not-yet-out gay high school student Simon might be falling for his secret penpal, Blue. Blue is someone who goes to Simon's school, but Simon doesn't know who. Their online friendship is perfect, so do they risk ruining everything by telling each other who they are in real life? (Becky Albertalli was a school psychologist before she became an author and it shows. Here is a YA writer who knows teenagers.)

the “Hereville” graphic novels by Barry Deutsch (How Mirka Got Her Sword, How Mirka Met a Meteorite, and How Mirka Caught a Fish)
    My colleague's two kids were kind enough to loan me this series about the adventures of, as the tagline says, "just another troll-fighting Orthodox Jewish girl." Mirka is stubborn, brave, sometimes a brat, always awesome, as she fights trolls and shapeshifter meteorites and dangerous magical fish. The books also present a loving, detailed picture of Orthodox Jewish family life, while still allowing Mirka to push against her culture's double standards for girls.

Forgive Me if I’ve Told You This Before by Karelia Stetz-Waters
     I read this on the recommendation of one of my students, which always makes me really happy. A beautifully written coming of age novel about a girl in rural Oregon growing into herself and her identity as a lesbian. Feels very different from the usual YA fare both for the poetic language, and because it's clearly drawn from the author's own experiences and is set in the early 90s, rather than now.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews
    This book had me laughing out loud. Helplessly. A book that promises to be the opposite of all those "inspirational story about a kid whose friend gets cancer and they all learn a life lesson" type books, and delivers on that promise, and yet sneakily makes you feel stuff, too. All while yelping with laughter.

don't stop there – here are even more books! )

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About to embark on an all-day writing retreat, looking out over a gentle hill muted under fog. Wish me luck!
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I realized recently that I never posted here about finnagain's delightful podfic of my fic "Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Father Christmas." (I linked to the podfic from the story on AO3, but somehow forgot to do it here from LJ.)

Finn's podfic is great, and especially since that was my very first fic in the Sherlock fandom, to have someone show up with a podfic of it was such an amazing, wonderful, delightful surprise!

* * * * *
Here's Finn's podfic of "Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Father Christmas" on AO3 or on Tumblr!
* * * * *

(Here's the original fic on AO3 or on LJ – I'll also add a link to the podfic from the fic itself on LJ, which is the step I somehow missed way back when Finn first did this.)
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First: You know that weird new(ish) feature LJ has, where you can "like" a post? Just a heads-up, if any of you like a post of mine...I can't actually see it.

I was baffled about this for a while: I would get a notification saying "Someone likes your entry!" (yes, isn't that annoyingly vague, that it doesn't even tell you who, just "someone"?) but then I would go to the post in question, and there was no sign of any liking there. (Whereas if someone likes a post of mine at a comm, rather than my own journal, that does show up.) Weird!

Eventually, I did some poking around and figured out this is because I don't have the latest LJ upgrade or new interface, or whatever it was... And apparently one side of that is that the new "likes" don't show up for me at all.

So y'all are welcome to like posts if you want, but it's just kind of going out into the ether, unfortunately... I get a mysterious "someone likes your entry" message, but I'll never know who!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This Harry-Potter-verse, even-more-feminist Snow Queen retelling I'm working on is still a total blast! I've now written to just before the big final denouement ...which is set on Svalbard, so I get to look at lots of pictures of far-northern landscapes in the name of research. Ooooh. (Latest new favorite thing: Rossøya, the furthest north little island of the Svalbard archipelago, at 80°N latitude, a thousand kilometers from mainland Norway, where it juts up out of the ocean with stern, quiet dignity. Ohhhh Svalbard. I wonder if I will ever get to Svalbard, someday?)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My reading is still kind of out of control (there are so many books I want to I keep this long list of them...and I then get compulsive about tackling the list... and now I've somehow landed myself in THREE book clubs??) I keep catching myself thinking it must be almost time to do my quarterly round-up, because I've already read so much, but it's still only February...

I can definitely tell you that the Mirka graphic novels are indeed awesome ("Just another troll-fighting Orthodox Jewish girl!"), and Nimona is indeed awesome (my colleague's been telling me to read that forever!), and I've been catching up on some of the excellent LGBT+ YA books in our library that I've been meaning to read (including Forgive Me If I've Told You This Before, which I read on the recommendation of one of my students, and Skim, which I read on the recommendation of one of my colleagues.)

I'm dying to get my hands on The Last of August (sequel to the modern-day-young-Holmes-and-Watson A Study in Charlotte I loved so much last year), so while I'm waiting, I read yet another modern-day-young-Holmes-and-Watson reboot: The Great Shelby Holmes, which was pretty darn adorable. (They're young kids in this one, so it's Watson's mom who's an army doctor, and 9-year-old Shelby Holmes takes on neighborhood cases like...dognappings.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Right now I'm wrapping up in a café where I was having a hang-out-and-work afternoon with a friend (working on her writing project), her boyfriend (doing his grad school reading) and me (reading-and-feedbacking a friend's play script). The friend who was here today is also the one who's beta reading my Snow Queen story, so she read a chapter I'd asked for feedback on and discussed it right here with me, in real time. In person. Haven't gotten to do that (writing feedback, in person!) in an age. Also, having local friends who want to sit and write together is the besssst. I missed this.


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